From May 6, 2013 to November 3, 2013, the Saratoga Automobile Museum will focus on “BMW, the Ultimate Driving Machine.” We’ll present a seven-month major exhibition of significant BMW cars and motorcycles from the 1930s to the present. The Bavarian Motor Works began as a motorcycle producer, segued into automobiles, and remains one of the few marques you’ll find competing successfully on both two and four wheels. (Know the other two?  It’s Honda, of course, and VW Group, who recently acquired Ducati.) 

Historic BMWs on display will range from the sporty pre-War 328 roadster – one of the most successful competitors of its day - to the supremely elegant postwar 507, the winged CSL of the 1970s, noted BMW racecars and much more. BMW Classic is anticipated to provide cars from the BMW Museum in Munich and the BMWNA Collection. 

The 2 wheeled BMW’s are complements of the Nettesheim Museum in Huntington, NY. Ranging from the first R32, R62, an R12 and many more. You won’t want to miss this exhibit.

BMW Automobiles on Display: 

1935 315/1

1937 328 MM "Bugelfalte" Roadster

1938 328 Roadster

1957 507 Roadster

1957 Isetta 300

BMW 2002 tii

Andy Warhol M1 Art Car

BMW 3.0 CS

M5 Supercar

M3 GT3

Z1 Roadster


BMW Motorcycles on Display from the Nettesheim Museum

1925 R32 - Royal SM1 (w/sidecar)

1928 R63 – First 750 CC/ Sport

1929 R62 – First 750 CC/Touring Version

1931 R16 – Sport version of the R11

1934 R11 – Stamped Steel Frame/ touring

1941(Army Green)

1942 R12 – Unrestored original

1955 R25/3 – Single Cylinder

1969 R60 – Police Bike

1988 R100 RT – Touring

1990 K1 – Sport/Modern

BMWNA to supply a 2013 S1000RR HP4