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It's all about teamwork!

Did you know that the average duration of a NASCAR pit stop is 13-15 seconds?!  4 tires are removed, 4 new tires are installed and an entire tank of gas is filled.  Many races have been won due to the efficiency and teamwork between the driver and their crew during a pit stop. 

It's hard to not relate this concept to our daily lives as we surround ourselves with our own "crew".  The museum is our race car and the handful of truly dedicated employees, who give more effort than a crew of double their size, are the ones filling the tanks and changing the tires to ensure that our "vehicle" runs as efficiently as it can.  I am very proud to be a member of this crew.

This short video is a perfect visual to see the job of the "Rear Tire Changer" in a pit crew.





Farewell Porsche, Hello Nascar!

It was an exciting morning as I pulled up to the Museum to see the transport trailers lined up and ready for unloading.  However it wasn't the trailers that were exciting me, it was the race cars within that had our hearts racing! 

But when I walked inside, I was struck with a bit of grief as the final Porsche was being pushed ever so carefully out the garage door.  The Porsche's welcomed me to this wonderful place several months ago, and I have to admit I was sad to see them go.  The floor was now empty, the banners and flair had all been taken down, and our canvas was clean and ready for some color! 

One by one the NASCAR race cars made their way.  It was somewhat strange to have these powerfully loud vehicles silently rolled in!  They are massive machines, built with a meticulous understanding and attention to detail for the many laws of science.  The evolution of these cars and the NASCAR sport is laid out right in front of you as you walk through our exhibit.  I am proud to have lent my two hands, along side the many others, who made "Moonshine to Millionaires" come to life!