Evolution of the F1 Car

Wow! this is a great video very nice work!

Evolution of the F1 Car from Ruf Blacklock on Vimeo.


Two Cylinders, No Doors, and totally cool!

Advancements in 3 wheel technology! 


Read more about the Morgan 3 wheeler here:




NASCAR truck driver Ron Hornaday 

Tonight at 5:30pm NASCAR Truck Driver RON HORNADAY will be speaking and signing autographs at the Auto Museum! Only a few tickets left!  Call now and get yours: 518-587-1935


It's all about teamwork!

Did you know that the average duration of a NASCAR pit stop is 13-15 seconds?!  4 tires are removed, 4 new tires are installed and an entire tank of gas is filled.  Many races have been won due to the efficiency and teamwork between the driver and their crew during a pit stop. 

It's hard to not relate this concept to our daily lives as we surround ourselves with our own "crew".  The museum is our race car and the handful of truly dedicated employees, who give more effort than a crew of double their size, are the ones filling the tanks and changing the tires to ensure that our "vehicle" runs as efficiently as it can.  I am very proud to be a member of this crew.

This short video is a perfect visual to see the job of the "Rear Tire Changer" in a pit crew. 




Moonshine to Millionaire Guest Speaker

Below from Fox 23, a short video on our NASCAR guest speaker Bobby Allison.

(advertisment via Fox23)

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