Margaret Dunning has been driving longer than anyone in the WORLD!

Margaret Dunning has been driving longer than anyone in the WORLD!  94 years to be exact.  Truly amazing when you stop and think about it since she is 102 years old today. 


Toyota Dream Build with Kyle Busch

Check out this Toyota Dream Build with Kyle Busch!


National Plug In Day!

The Saratoga Automobile Museum Takes Part in National Plug-In Day

 Stop by and get a FREE EV Charge!

The Saratoga Automobile Museum will be welcoming electric vehicle drivers and enthusiasts to get a FREE EV Charge with the Museum’s new “WattStation” EV charger by GE, to highlight the fun, clean-air benefits, and cost-savings of electric cars this Sunday, Sept. 23rd (10am-5pm) as part of the second annual National Plug-In Day.   

The Saratoga Automobile Museum’s event is one of more than 60 across the country where electric vehicle owners and interested citizens from Maui to New York will participate in electric car parades, “tailpipe-free” tailgate parties, awards to leaders promoting EV-readiness, launches of new public EV charging stations, and other events. 

For more detail visit:


Kyle Busch

The Museum welcomes Kyle Busch this Thursday!  Get your tickets now:


The disappearing door!

An automotive concept designed a couple decades ago...still very valid in my opinion, yet almost unbelievable.  Check this out and let us know what you think!

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