Happy Birthday Corvair!


This date in 1969, Chevrolet released the CORVAIR.  This R&D promo video is simply amazing.  Well before it was deemed "Unsafe at any speed", Chevy sold over a million Corvairs until production ended in 1969. 

We feature a Corvair owned and signed by racing legend; John Fitch in our Racing in NY exhibit.  Stop by and check it out!



We are very proud to announce our new video series: AUTO ARCHAEOLOGY

This episode features a 1950 Allard J2 Roadster.  If you've been to our museum, you may have seen it in our Racing In NY exhibit.  Since many of our cars need to be "exercised", it allows us to enrich our Museum experience by offering unique glimpes into the amazing automobiles we have on exhibit!


Hemmings Concours d'Elegance

Tomorrow kicks off the Hemmings Concours d'Elegance here at the Museum!  We are thrilled host this year's event!


Toyota planning to have 21 Hybrid Vehicle Models available by the year 2015

Toyota is clearly leading the way with their announcement to have 21 Hybrid Vehicle Models available by 2015.  The above picture would be one of those.  We are all witnessing the automotive industry change in "real time".  Keep your eyes and ears open, and your foot on the gas!  Here's the full article on Toyota: http://www.greenerideal.com/vehicles/0926-toyota-announces-plans-for-21-hybrid-vehicle-models-by-2015/


Kyle Busch was in my rearview

Last Thursday I found myself cruising back from the Saratoga Springs Airport with none other than Kyle Busch in my rear view.  Though he was just sitting in the back seat of the rental car that I picked him up in, I admit I probably stepped on the gas with a bit more weight than usual.  That's how the Kyle Busch event began for me.  We hit the museum right on time for the "Make A Wish" meet and greet with Kyle and the children.  This was clearly the most important and meaningful part of the evening, and we all knew it.  As the crowds were gathering at the city center, Kyle was putting smiles on faces and playing the hero role to many who needed just that. 

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