Youth Programming

Have you ever heard of Ab Jenkins?  If you haven't, he is a man who set out to single-handedly break every existing land speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. More than a century later, many of his records remain unbroken.  This video will soon be running in our Orentation Theater!




Astor Cup Race ad on September 24th, 1916 at The Sheepshead Speedway.  The track doesn't exist today and has become one of the many "Lost Speedways".  In honor of all the lost, but not forgotten speedways, we are hosting "LOST SPEEDWAYS" November 24, 2012 at the Saratoga Automobile Museum.


2013 Race Car

After reading this article on the new 2013 race car that NASCAR has developed for next season's Sprint Cup Series, I am amazed to see the evolution of this sport continue!  Our exhibit features cars from the beginning of NASCAR to now...but not really "now" as we are seeing yet another race car design!

Here's the full article:


2013 Invitational

The planning is well underway for our 2013 Invitational!  Mark your calendars!

Check out this video for a closer look:


The man who rode with Dale!

Richard Childress, the man who rode with Dale Earnhardt, will be at our Museum this month!  Get your tickets for his Oct. 18th visit now at



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