Children Start as our passenger, soon to be our drivers.

As I have now taught two straight weeks of children's programs here at the museum (ages 3-5), it seems that the children are not the only ones learning new things!  One main goal of teaching is to instill a lifetime love of learning in our youth, while reflecting on the lessons and procedures that we as teachers are attempting to deliver.  Children reflect in their own ways, as they are always looking for the excitement and "wow" factor in every day activities.  Watching a 4 year old girl react in pure excitement while given the task to chose her favorite car in our exhibit, not only planted the seed of the love for the automobile, but also demonstrated her innate desire to learn.  I am learning just as much from the children that visit our museum as they are learning from me.  This inspiration is what will allow our education program to grow in more ways than we had initially planned.  The programs and activities that I am creating for the Saratoga Auto Museum begin with the children, for they start as our passengers, but will soon be our drivers.

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