"Under the Bus"

This past Saturday kicked off our 2-day "Under the Bus" program funded by a grant from the "Community Foundation".  Together with Boy Scout Troop 24, we began the New York State inspection process on our Ford Model "A" School bus so that I can utilize it to bring educational programs to schools and other local community events.  Our master mechanic (Don Buesing) and jr. mechanic (Jacob Kamen) led the way as we went item by item, focusing on its location, design, purpose and functionality.  By the end of the program we all had grease on our hands, our clothes smelled like gas, and our understanding and knowledge was tremendously increased!  In other words, we learned a lot, and we couldn't have been happier!

After the crowd had dissipated, I had the opportunity to sit in the driver seat and take a piece of history for a few spins around the parking lot.  With Don talking me through the process, I have to say that the maiden voyage was a success!  I can't wait for "day two"!


Today was my last program with St. Pauls Christian Child Care.  What a terrific 3 weeks I've had getting to meet your teachers and students!  You have made my first month with the museum a total success, and I thank you so very much.  I look forward to working with you and your staff next year!



Educator's Night at the Museum

There is only one word to describe last night's event here at the Museum...Success!  "Thank you" to all the educators who attended and took the time out of their busy schedules to join us.  Educator's night at the Museum was designed for two purposes; first, to raise local awareness of the Auto Museum and how amazing it is, and second, as an opportunity for professional development between educator's.  Everyone was learning last night. 

A special thanks to the staff and volunteers who helped to make last night possible.



After today's program (designed for fourteen 3 year olds!), I had a first grade teacher approach me and ask if she could use the lesson plan that I created for her class at school.  I said yes (of course) and grabbed a copy for her.  It was the best compliment she could've given me.  A compliment from a peer just seems to "weigh" more as they understand what you are trying to accomplish and how challenging it might be to get there.  A car restorer who is complimented on his work from another quality restorer, might appreciate that complitment a bit more than someone just saying "cool car man".  It's like Neil Young getting a call from James Taylor asking him if he could re-record one of his songs...you get it!


Today's program was outstanding.  What an eye opener it was to see so many fathers show up to their child's field trip to the Auto Museum.  We are proud to be bringing families together as they experience the past, present and future of the automobile industry.  Many school trips lack the "family" element, but today there were sparkles in the eyes of both parents and their children!