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We have officially made our way out from under the bus as the final day of the Community Foundation Grant (titled "UNDER THE BUS") has come to an end.   It's a wonderful thing when a simple idea takes on a life of its own and grows into something you couldn't have imagined in the first place.  This program, designed to teach children about the history and mechanics of a Ford Model A school bus, was the seed that was planted, and what grew from that seed was new found appreciation, knowledge, amazement and respect for something that we often take for granted from day to day.  Ask yourself if you know the difference between a leaf spring and a coil spring, or if you know what a castle bolt looks like or why Henry Ford came up with the name "Model T" for his first successfully produced car.  We learned the answers to these questions and so much more.  It seemed only fitting that the Scouts were driven home in Don's 1919 Ford Model T after the program had reached its conclusion.  I would like to thank the Standish family and the Community Foundation for making the program possible, Master Mechanic; Don Buesing, Junior Mechanic; Jacob Kamen and Boy Scout Troop 24. 

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Unbelievable job mates, I enjoy going through your articles.

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